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My People...

and suddenly I want to clean my entire apartment.
Why can’t it happen at 2 pm?

We’re the kind of people
who take long car rides
to the farmers market.

We’re the kind of people
who drink at ten thirty am
once a month.
(but only once)

We’re the kind of people
that draw people closer
only to push them away.

We’re the kind of people
who hold out until last call
then go home with each other.

We’re the kind of people
I always wanted to write about
if only I could find the words.

You’ll always be my favorite what-if.
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Can a person have a texture fetish?

There’s just something about
the agonizing deliciousness of
not knowing what’s coming next
suspended in a state of unrest
waiting for the lightest touch
to validate your lust,
whatever it may be.

She was named after a hurricane
drank guitar strings to spit out glass shards
wore what always looked like someone else’s sin.
She turned her anger into diamonds
a battle ground for two nations
her arms were made of stretchy,
synthetic cool mint gum for sinew stigma
which found her leaving stigmata-
marks on those she touched.
Slammed fists
like she was reading the riot act
and then held hands with trouble,
skipping merrily with other peoples bad intentions.
She was everyone’s favorite port in the storm
Roxanne, Opal and Marilyn.- Dani Draper (via danidraper)

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Rachel pup: Okay, so I just scroll, and like things, oh that’s pretty cute… Hey I’m getting the hang of this.
imageRachel pup: Not sure if this is a cat or a pervert asking me for nudes…

imageRachel pup: Hey, hey Josh put your knee caps together. I’m just gonna take a pic-no, no I’m just gonna take a pic of your caps. It’s not weird bro. It’s funny. If we put a bra over them they look like boobs, I saw it on tumblr. C’monnnnn.


Cold pale winter days
Is what she wears best

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
top 5 turn ons?
melodixmayhem melodixmayhem Said:

1.Words, well crafted dirty ones.

2.  Punk rock music.

3. Really cute underwear.

4. Storms.

5. Long fingers.